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21/07/2022 - Details about the 1st connection.

Hello to all,

we have to tell you that when you first connect to the SEISM application, you will have to wait for the administrator to give you your rights and access to the information on your platforms.
This configuration is quick but can take a day depending on the availability of the administrators.
We wanted to make this clear to you because it can be confusing when you first log in to SEISM to not have immediate access.
We will add these details on the access process in the tutorial that will guide you during the entry of your information.
Finally, do not hesitate to report any dysfunction in the dedicated support area. We will deal with your requests as soon as possible.

See you soon.


03/07/2020 - SEISM for ANAEE

SEISM ( [S]oftwar[E] for [I]nfra[S]tructure ad[M]inistration )
is a distinct version of ISIA (ANAEE France) for ANAEE, including a whole set of features to customize and manage requests process to the infrastructure. This web site evolves as you as you give feedback, and as the developers update and add content.